For UMD Students

The goal of English programs and courses for UMD students is to provide them with the academic language skills they need to succeed in university classes. The instructional focus is on academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking.



Advanced English as a Foreign Language (UMEI 005)

Key Facts
  • most sections meet 4 days per week, 2 hours per day
  • develops all four academic English skills
  • separate sections for graduates and undergraduates
  • does not carry degree credit
  • special course fee required
Course Fee
  • Undergraduates – $4,812
  • Graduates – $6,165

Advanced Writing for International Students (UMEI 007)

Key Facts
  • meets 2 days a week, 2 hours per day
  • develops academic English writing skills
  • only offered to graduate students
  • does not carry degree credit
  • special course fee required
Course Fee
  • $3,083

How Many Non-English Courses Can I Take?


  • you can register for two courses that total 6-8 credit hours in addition to UMEI 005

Graduate Students

  • UMEI 005 counts as 36 graduate units (6 units per credit hour x 6 credit hours)
  • UMEI 007 counts as 12 graduate units (4 units per credit hour x 3 credit hours)
  • you can add another 12-16 (UMEI 005) or 36-40 (UMEI 007) graduate units to reach full-time status

How Can I Satisfy The English Proficiency Requirement On My UMD Admission?

For UMEI 005 students (English Bridge Program)

You must successfully complete UMEI 005, which requires earning both a 75% or higher average in the course AND the required scores on the TOEFL ITP that is given in the course. Please see the chart below for details.

What is the TOEFL ITP?

The test administered by MEI is the Level 1 (Intermediate to Advanced) TOEFL ITP. This is a paper-based test with four sections. Please note that the Composition section is not part of the standard TOEFL ITP, but is an addition to the standard TOEFL ITP, as the University of Maryland requires graduate students to demonstrate their academic writing proficiency.





Required score

Composition 45 min. Write a 3-5 paragraph essay on a given topic. 0 – 8 points 5 or higher
Listening Comprehension 35 min. Answer 50 multiple choice items based on short dialogs, conversations and short academic talks. The section measures your ability to understand spoken English as it is used in colleges and universities. 31 – 68 points 50 or higher
Structure and Written Expression 25 min. Answer 40 multiple choice items covering grammar. This section measures your recognition of selected structural and grammatical points in standard written English. 31 – 68 points 50 or higher
Reading Comprehension 55 min. Answer 50 multiple-choice items based on academic reading passages. This section measures your ability to read and understand academic material in English. 31 – 68 points 50 or higher
Total of Listening, Grammar, Reading 311 – 677 points 570 or higher

Read more about the TOEFL ITP test.

To successfully complete UMEI 005 and the English Bridge Program, you need to satisfy the requirements of the UMEI 005 course as outlined in the course syllabus, and attain these test scores:

  • a total score of 570 or higher
  • a listening score – not less than 50
  • a structure score – not less than 50
  • a reading score – not less than 50
  • a writing score of 5 or higher

Course repeat policy: Students who do not score at least 570 must take UMEI 005 again. Graduate students who score at least 570 but do not earn at least 5.0 on the composition will move to UMEI 007 in the next semester.
If you have successfully completed the English Bridge Program. ISSS will contact you shortly after the semester to let you know when your new I-20 reflecting your degree program change is ready.

For UMEI 007 Students

You will take the Maryland English Writing Test (MEWT Test) at the end of the semester. It has two writing parts:



What You Have To Do


Writing #1 45 min Write a 3-5 paragraph essay 0-8
Writing #2 45 min Write a second 3-5 paragraph essay 0-8

To gain unconditional admission, you need to score 5 or higher on at least one essay, and no lower than 4.5 on the second. If you do not meet this standard, you have to take UMEI 007 again..
Read more about the MEWT test.