For International Educators

MEI offers two programs to international educators: the Suzhou Teachers Training Program and the English for Teaching (EfT) Seminar.

Suzhou Teachers Training Program

This is a professional development program for Suzhou secondary English teachers. It includes specially designed advanced English language courses.

Who is this for?
  • works with the Suzhou Ministry of Education, Suzhou, China
  • for middle school and high school English teachers from Suzhou
What do participants learn?
  • to improve Chinese-speaker pronunciation errors
  • to improve control over English grammar
  • new teaching methods and strategies
When is it offered
  • during MEI’s Summer Semester (June and July)
  • courses run three weeks

Participants also enjoy a series of professional development seminars led by leading scholars in the field. Topics include:

  • cross-cultural communications
  • second language acquisition
  • language policy
  • comparative linguistics
  • second/foreign language pedagogy
  • language testing and assessment
  • classroom technology

A day-long teacher workshop is scheduled near the end of the program.

Participants also have opportunities to visit local schools to observe expert English teachers in practice. Social and cultural activities include outings to the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, and to historic Philadelphia, New York, and Annapolis, the Maryland state capital, situated on the nearby Chesapeake Bay.

English for Teaching Seminar

Who is this for?
  • works with universities in Baden-Würtemberg, Germany
  • for professors and professionals who lecture or present in English
What do participants learn?
  • strategies to improve English pronunciation
  • methods for eliminating common grammatical errors
  • language for university classroom speech acts
  • principles of excellence in teaching in English
How do participants benefit?
  • gain new ideas and inspiration for teaching
  • observe university lectures presented at UMD
  • receive detailed feedback on English language skills
  • experience American university culture
When is it offered
  • during middle to late September
  • courses run two weeks
What does it cost?
  • $1,250 per participant

Participants also have opportunities to visit UMD classrooms to observe university lectures in practice. Social activities include outings to Washington, DC, and to Annapolis, the Maryland state capital, for a crab feast on the Chesapeake Bay.

For details about the program schedule, topics and activities, follow this link: English for Teaching Seminar.

Other Training Programs

The programs above are now regular MEI offerings. They have grown out of customized teacher training programs MEI has developed.

MEI can develop special training programs for English teachers or professionals seeking to refine their advanced English language skills, as well as teachers looking to learn advanced methods for teaching English.

MEI’s clients for customized training programs have included:

  • Visiting scholars and students
  • International faculty members
  • International school systems
  • Ministries of Education

If you are interested in a specialized training program from MEI, please contact us with your requirements. We will be happy to offer a proposal.