Speaking Partners

One of the benefits of studying abroad is the chance to practice your English with native speakers. The MEI Speaking Partner program will help you do that.

For MEI Students

A speaking partner is

  • a UMD student, faculty or staff volunteer
  • someone you meet with for conversation
  • a great way to practice speaking English
  • a fun way to learn about American culture
  • a chance to share your own experiences

For MEI students, request a speaking partner.

For UMD Students

Volunteering as a speaking partner gives you the opportunity to expand your world view, learn about other cultures, and make new friends.

The partnership involves your meeting with an MEI student on campus for conversation. Most partners meet once a week for an hour of light conversation or to participate in an on-campus activity together.

For UMD Students, volunteer to be a speaking partner.

For more information about the speaking partner program, you can email mei@umd.edu, with “Speaking Partners” in the subject line, or leave a message at (301) 405-8634.