Biking to UMD

Biking is an important part of the transportation system on campus. Biking is part of the university’s commitment to being an environmentally friendly (“Green”) university. At UMD, you’ll find:

  • biking trails that connect the university to local housing
  • bike racks (places to safely park a bike) all around campus
  • on-campus bike rentals for a whole semester for only $75
  • a pass so students riding bikes to campus can shower on campus
  • secured bike and motor scooter parking spaces

Read more about biking at UMD.


The University of Maryland Shuttle Bus is one of the largest university transit services in the United States. Shuttle-UM operates more than 60 vehicles, including hybrids and clean diesel models, and serves more than 2.6 million riders a year.

As a student at MEI, you can ride the UM shuttle buses for free. The shuttle buses connect the university to local housing, to shopping centers, and to the College Park Metro station.

Follow the links below for more information

County Shuttle Buses

The University of Maryland is in Prince Georges County. The country operates its own shuttle bus, called The Bus. As a student at MEI, with a University of Maryland student ID, you can ride all The Bus routes for free.

Read more about The Bus routes.

Washington Metropolitan Area Bus and Rail System

You can use the Metro Bus and Metro Rail to get to campus, or to travel around Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. A Metro Rail stop is close to campus. The UM Shuttle runs regular routes to this metro stop.

Read more about Metro Bus and Metro Rail schedules and routes.

Marc Train Service

MARC Train Service is a commuter rail system serving Harford County, Maryland; Baltimore City; Washington D.C.; Brunswick, Maryland; Frederick, Maryland and Martinsburg, West Virginia. MARC Train Service operates Monday through Friday.

Read more about Marc Train schedules and routes.


Amtrak is a nationwide passenger train service. It is headquartered at Union Station in Washington, D.C. You can use the train service to travel to New York City, or other locations around the country. You can also buy rail passes good for unlimited travel around the United States.

Read more about Amtrak schedules and routes.

Intercity Bus Service

There are a number of buses that run between Washington DC and New York City or Philadelphia, or other famous cities in the United States. Follow the links below for more information:

Driving by Car

If you choose to drive to campus, you will need to

  • get a Maryland driver’s license
  • register your car in Maryland
  • arrange for parking on campus

If you have a valid driver’s license from your home country, you have 60 days after you arrive in Maryland to get a valid Maryland driver’s license:

If you are coming from


  • South Korea
  • Germany
  • France
  • you can exchange your valid driver’s license for a Maryland driver’s license
  • any other country

Read more about getting a Maryland driver’s license.

If you are bringing a car in from another state, you have 60 days after you arrive in Maryland to register that car. Read more about registering your car.

Get driving directions to MEI from out of state.

As an MEI student, you can apply for parking in student parking lots on campus.  These lots are within a 10-20 minute walking distance of classroom buildings.  Most have Shuttle-UM stops if you do not want to walk. Read more about student parking.

There are also ZipCar stations on campus. ZipCars are short term rentals (a few hours to all day or night). Read more about ZipCars on campus.